On Long Weekends

Happy Long Weekend!

Yay! You get to run around and sit in traffic and wait in lineups and try to do the things you like while everyone else does and potentially come home more stressed and less healthy than when you left.  Not to mention your finances.  Hey, don’t feel bad.  I’d probably be doing the same thing if I weren’t at work!  Look at us.  Work, play, repeat.  Work, play, repeat.  When will we end the cycle and stop trading our time for money so that we can live life on OUR terms!?  And when will the weekend not be this thing we hype up all week while suffering through our days, only to be often disappointed that it didn’t live up to the hype because, well, after all, it’s just another couple of days most of the time.  Well, like I said, I’m planning to be in the position to quit my job by the time I turn 34 (May 2019).  What’s your plan?

You see, I’ve had a taste of the retired life already.  For several years now I have spent most of the time working on a rotating schedule of 3 weeks away at work (12 hour shifts for 21 days) followed by 3 weeks free from work.  And there’s some real benefits to getting your errands done and maybe even your socializing on the opposite schedule from most people.  I probably don’t have to elaborate much to help you understand how different the experience of grocery shopping at, say, 10 am on Tuesday is in comparison to 7 pm on a Sunday.  But when we trade our time for money in the most classic way, sometimes we have no choice.  And that exacerbates the situation.  It heightens the rat race and the sense of running on a treadmill.

But before long, we’ll be trading our money for money, right?  And when we do this our time will be ours to manage.  All of it.  But this goal – this mission – has to be in your mind almost always.  Your central purpose even.  Otherwise, forget about it.  Unless you’re already filthy rich, you can’t have it all.  But you can, however, have what you want, but you must decide carefully what that is and always be doing what it takes to get it.

So I don’t want to ruin your fun this weekend, but while you’re out there desperately breathing in the last winds of the summer, just try to think of where you can cut back, so that one day soon the whole summer will be yours to do as you please.  Me, right now,  I’m here counting up all the interest fees I’ve incurred at the start of the month and growing even more mad and developing even more resolve to get rid of my debt and start planting my money tree ASAP.

Add some Freedom.

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