How to Save: Don’t Go Shopping


If you ever think or say to yourself anything like “I’m bored.  I think I’ll go to (INSERT STORE NAME CONTAINING MANY THINGS YOU DON’T NEED),” STOP!!!  This is one of the first things to get under control if you want to start moving towards your financial freedom.  And if you do this, don’t feel bad, almost everyone does.  But everyone else works most of their lives too don’t they?

If you will allow me to describe how my last couple of days played out and how I achieved some of the home improvement goals I wanted to achieve while saving money, even though overall I still spent.

I was going to run to town yesterday morning to buy some lounge furniture for my rental property that I have long-decided I will need to buy before the upcoming high-season.  I could also use some other furniture such as a small sofa-bed to increase the attraction of my rental suites.  But I can only move so much stuff in my truck and I was going to be going to town later in the week already anyway.  In reality, I was looking to kill time because I knew there was no waves today, and that is currently my most prevalent thing that I do to have fun and improve myself while passing time.  But there’s a lot of other things I could be working on, including improving my garden.  In fact, I was going to look for some plants and other supplies while there to finally round it out.

So here’s what went down.  I didn’t go to town.  I used some varnish and sandpaper I already had to complete a baul (coffee table) I had in my rental sweet that needed to be treated, and spent $0 while having a really nice morning in the shade listening to podcasts and drinking coffee while finishing this work

Then, the next morning, as the shade was available again, I got to improving my garden.  I planted some succulents I already had in pots and instead of buying new plants for a currently bare part of the garden, I used the vegetative growing nature of some small palms I have to remove pieces of them and replant in the bare zone.  It all looks great and the satisfaction of nurturing the space myself from plants I’ve already grown is immeasurable.

Now, I did hop online that morning to do some shopping for my rental suite as well, and although I ultimately spent $1 200 (on two sofa-beds and two large umbrella set-ups for the roof), I believe I saved money overall.  For one, by shopping online, the goods will be delivered to me.  I would need to take two trips to town to move that much furniture which would cost me about $40 in gas.

Also, by shopping online and waiting for the goods to be delivered I was able to access a much larger selection and find not only what worked best for my space, but some great prices.  I think if I had gone to town and been lucky enough to find any sofa-beds there that suited by needs, I may have ended up spending as much as $1 500 on the two sofa-beds alone.

I’m going to call it a total savings of $650 which, compounding from now until the time I am 55, can become more than $1 500.

So, stay closer-to-home, don’t go driving, shop mindfully rather than as an impulse in reaction to boredom, and get ready for your own financial freedom and the wonderful challenge of designing your lifestyle as you wish.


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