Get Rich by Feeling Rich: Focus on What You Have

If you’re reading this, you’re probably better off than the vast majority of people in the world.  It means you have your own computer or smart phone, or at least access to one for use.  About half of the people in the world have smartphones now, and computers much less so.  So there you go, already ahead of half the people on the planet.

In Mexico, where I live, 30% of people make $30,000 MXP or more per month.  That’s about $1700 USD or an annual income of a little over $20,000 USD.  And, given the cost of living in Mexico, that’s a good wage.  Not great, but good.  But 70% of people make less than that.  Some families earn more like $2,500 MXP ($140 USD) per month or even less.

Great, so now that you feel bad for being spoiled, you may be wondering why the hell is this useful in your quest to ditch your day job?  Well, by focusing on what you have, you will feel and live more richly day-to-day, knowing how fortunate you already are.  This will help to improve your decision-making and by knowing that you are among the haves (because you have the access to clean water, freedom, shelter and food, for starters) rather than the have-nots (because you don’t have access to a brand-new vehicle that costs up to two years’ wages), some important but less consciously-occurring changes will start to occur as well.

Take a step further and realize how well-off you would be without what you already have.

Ways to do this:

  • Gratitude journal – complete this on its own or as a part of your daily journaling routine.  Figure out what works for you, it doesn’t have to be extensive or difficult, but do it consistently.  I journal at least 5 days a week for less than 5 minutes as part of my morning routine, and the main part of it in that is giving gratitude for a relationship, something yesterday, something today and something simple I can see or sense relatively nearby.
  • Go without – set aside some periods to go without things you already have or lifestyle routines you’re accustomed to.  For example, make a big batch of bean salad and live off that for your work week or put aside all your newest clothes and spend the month wearing just a few of your simplest and least expensive garments.  Learn to understand that you can handle whatever you will have thrown your way, so that the fear of going without will never get in the way of action.  You will learn you don’t need much of what you may have been conditioned to think you do, which is liberating, but doesn’t preclude you from ever enjoying them once again.  Just keep some perspective.

So tell me, how do you prime yourself to stay tuned into all of your fortune and opportunity so that you don’t move forward with a sense of perpetually needing more, no matter how much you earn and save?  Because if we don’t change our mindset in this fundamental way, we’ll never have ‘enough’ to be financially free.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

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