30 Places I Could Retire Within a Year


I almost always roll my eyes when I see an article title that starts with a number.  For example, “28 Ways to Read This Blog”.  Yuck.

So that is why I was excited to use a number in the title today.  A ridiculously high number could only be seen as complete mockery of the system, no?  I do hope so.  Maybe it is also great clickbait, which must be the ONLY reason others do it (I am learning that is the only reason a lot of things on the internet happen).

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First Guest Post


Mr. 1500 is a pretty cool guy.  Not only because he was gracious enough to allow me to share my story and perspective on his blog with my first guest post, but he is also kick-assedly financially independent with a well-crafted and well-viewed blog documenting the process.

To boot, he has already retired from his old job, all while growing a family which is something I simply can’t advise on or relate to, but I could imagine that it is as rewarding as it is challenging!

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On Coffee, Habit and Paper Cups

You know what’s weird?  Day-by-day, nothing seems to change.  But pretty soon…everything is different. -Bill Watterson

It seems every Financial Independence and Early Retirement blogger has to have an article discussing the effect of small, regular purchases such as coffee from a café or restaurant.

Here’s mine.

There’s an important piece of the puzzle that seems to be so often missing from this discussion, except in this original battle of two rival Financial Independence kings, Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich and Mr. Money Mustache.  And that missing piece is sustainability and the environment!  I am finding a lot of Personal Finance and Financial Independence blogs make a strong focus on earnings and net worth, but very few suggest to their readers that they should consider the consequences of their lifestyles and actions.

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