T-Minus 12 Months Until Financial Independence


Today is May 9th.  33 years ago today, my journey to early retirement began inside the Vancouver General Hospital.  It just took me 31 years to figure that out.  The premise of this blog, of course, is that I will be retired before I turn 34, which means that I have less than 12 months left of being a working stiff.  That’s pretty !@#$ing exciting actually!

In those 12 months, of course half of my time will be spent away at work, more than anywhere else.*  I have just solidified plans to visit Vancouver Island and my hometown in the mountains of British Columbia for about 10 days in September.  I will also spend 2 weeks in Peru this month, 2 weeks in Costa Rica in August and at least a week split between Mexico City for Day of the Dead and the Pacific Coast chasing waves in November.  I will probably also spend my entire 3 weeks off around Christmas in Canada visiting family and friends, as it has been 5 years since I’ve been able to be home for Christmas, and I’ve been away at work for the last 3!  I am also considering spending a week or two driving my motorcycle which currently is rotting in storage down the coast from Vancouver Island to southern Baja, where she can be put to use again finally.

The remaining 17 weeks or so will likely be spent at my home in Baja Mexico doing my best between waves to continue building friendships and to be a part of the community, because even though my time there is currently limited and interrupted, it is my home and I am still trying to lay a foundation of goodness for the future there.

My point is, even with half of it spent in isolation at work it’s shaping up to be a great year, and it will almost definitely pass by very quickly.  Being that I will be able to fit all this goodness into my final full birth year of full-time work, I can only imagine what the future will hold after that.**

Looking ahead to my calendar, my current intention is to inform my boss of my resignation sometime in March or April next year.  I have a shift that actually starts the day before my 34th Birthday, and I think I will complete it as my last shift, although I will reserve the right to complete a few more shifts through the summer since it is a nice reward here after the long, cold, far northern winters, and the extra few months’ income will of course go to good use in retirement.***

So, I guess ultimately this is just a nice little self-indulgent Birthday reminder as I sit here in my “Norwegian Prison” of how close I am to the next level of freedom and how the rest of the journey there should be largely enjoyable anyway.****

What about you? How many weeks, months, years do you have to go?  How much living are you going to do along the way and how will that change after you retire?  Most importantly, what are you going to do to get there? What is your plan?  I’d love to hear more in the comments.

*For those not aware I currently work at a remote work site in Northern Canada, where I work a 3 week on/off rotation, the large pieces of time off being a big reason why I am already able to have a home-base in Mexico.

**Notice how I carefully and awkwardly avoided the word retirement here?  Well, that word tends to get people charged up, especially if you also blog about some of the things you want to do in ‘retirement’ that may also earn you money.  What I really mean, I suppose, is that I will be financially dependent and have given up my kushy money-train job that also consumes half of my life (but also currently makes this blog possible 😉 ).

***Yes, technically that means I will be 34 at time of retirement, but I’m just going to go ahead and say that if I tell my boss before I turn 34, the premise of the blog lives on.  Otherwise, I’ll just get a new domain ;).  Also, I used the word ‘retirement’ here after all.  Because sometimes getting people charged up is exactly what needs to happen.

****This place is super nice with good food and hot springs (i.e. Norway) but it is still very isolated and isolating (i.e. Prison).

8 thoughts on “T-Minus 12 Months Until Financial Independence

  1. This is so exciting. I found your article about your house in Mexico on a FI site. You are living my dream life! Seriously, I love Baja and it’s also my dream to have a home there (debt pay off comes first for me). I might have a million questions for you in the future about that. Please keep writing and documenting your thoughts, experience, and philosophy. Your perspective, goals, and philosophy is really similar to mine and I love reading about it! Thanks for sharing your FI journey with the internet world 🙂

    1. Hi Callie!

      Thanks a ton for reading and sharing your comment! I started this mostly as a reminder to myself to stick true to my goals and hold myself accountable but I am glad you are enjoying too! I will continue to share indeed.

      You can follow along and get notifications when I make new posts if you like. Tell your friends and followers! 🙂


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