The Teachings of Juasco the Mexican Housecat

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. -Alexander Pope 1734


Following his ambush of the Search Bloc, Escobar emerged from the fiery wreckage in the streets of Medellin, gun drawn, cronies at his sides, and Carrillo wounded and helpless on the ground before him.  “Come mierda”, he says before executing him, leaving viewers like me with that sense that there is no particular reason that good should ultimately prevail in the world after all. 


Or something dramatically meaningful like that.

The desert breeze – normally dry – is very humid in the autumn months.  It sweeps across me as I lay there stunned at the semi-fictional events that have just unfolded before me on my small laptop screen.  It was September 2016 at my friends home in Mexico and I was smack dab in the middle of Narcos Season 1.  The same day, ground had broken on what would soon be my new home and ‘retirement plan’ just down the road towards the beach.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I know that life was going to be a little different here in the desert.

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The Resolution: April 2018


A surfer making the most of an amazing sunrise over the Sea of Cortez near my home in Mexico. Taken while brewing coffee and gearing up to surf during a weekend camping trip in April.  Cost of trip: Gas + Beer + Tortillas + Fresh Fish + Fresh Produce = No Mucho.

Another month, another Resolution post.  A third of the year has past us by now.  We’re going on the half-way point for our goals!  I hope your Resolution resolve lives on and that you’re learning and improving every month, week, day and moment that passes.  I also hope that the rest of the year holds a lot of exciting new adventures and opportunities to learn new things.

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