My Mexican Casita – Thoughts, FAQs and Returns

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When I tell people I own a small home in Mexico, I am invariably asked the same set of questions:

  • How did that come about? (it mostly just kind of happened, to be honest)
  • How much did it cost? (about $100,000 Canadian dollars)
  • Do you own it outright? (yes, but also not exactly, but yes.)
  • Does it ‘pay for itself’? (of course, and some. For 2018 I calculated a range of 7-39% as my return for the year, depending on how you slice it)
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The Air BnB Post

As my original Freedom deadline approaches and I’m looking at yet another year of full-time employment and a summer of construction on my home and rental-income property, I have been re-visiting my goals and intentions a little more regularly of late.

La chela mas fina.

When I sold my home in Canada and soon after bought one in Mexico, the crux of my plan was living rent-free in a home that paid me. You might call it my own minimum basic income project, trying to find a way to have the basics – food and shelter – covered while I follow curiosity and work on projects that create a spark in me, whether they pay well or not (or maybe even nothing).

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