The Way Life Goes (Guest Post)

Howie Bick is the founder of The Analyst Handbook, a collection of 16 guides created to help current and aspiring Analysts advance their careers. Prior to founding The Analyst Handbook, Howie was a financial analyst. Here he riffs on lifestyle design and more…

Life is an interesting thing to say the least.

We all have different or various visions of our selves, and for the future. It’s an incredibly interesting topic of discussion, trying to build the type of lifestyle you want to live, and decide what you’re trying to get out of life. It’s something that takes a lot of time, years of work, and is constantly changing, as both you and the world are as well. It’s an interesting thing to talk about, as we’re sitting here, waiting to go on our personal journey as well. Thinking about the various factors, the various things, and the various meaning were looking for. It’s one of the things that everyone thinks about, and everybody dreams about, and but really diving deep into it, is something we haven’t done.

I guess it all starts with what you want to get out of life. What motivates you? What are you looking for? What are you looking to do? And what is going to make you happy? Everyone has to answer these questions for themselves, and sitting here thinking about it for us, it’s an interesting one. One thing that’s always been appealing to me has been my independence, the freedom to explore and live as you please. With no strings attached, with no dependences on anyone, and just the ability to live, and let life be. To basically go with the waves and move as you please.

For me, it’s clear. Definitely a bit sobering, but clear. In order to get to the place I want to go, it’s going to have to be created and built by myself. Building a business is something that is incredibly difficult, and takes a lot of work, sacrifice, and time, but is the thing that provides me with what I’m looking for. It’s definitely nice to have a steady paying job, good co-workers, and a place to go into work, but a lot of times, that ultimately means paying the price by sacrificing your time, your freedom, and your independence. It means working for someone else, to help them achieve their goals, at your expense. It means choosing a path that has a steady, and predictable path, rather than one that’s completely unknown. The complete unknown scares a lot of people, it frightens them and worries them. For some, it’s just the opposite, it’s the land of opportunity, the land of freedom, and the land to create. A lot of it depends on the way you were raised, the type of environment you were in, and the type of person you are.

They’re both great for certain people.

Everyone is different, everyone is unique, and that’s the beauty in it. What’s good for some, might not be good for others. And what works for you, might not work for someone else. That’s where life comes in to play, and where life guides you. Everyone is guided in some way shape or form, down a path. A path of life. One where there’s constant obstacles, constant stress, and constant movement. Everyone is moving down the path of life. Some people move in one way, and some people move in others. Each person has their own unique path, and their own unique travels, that no one else except them can explain, or figure out.

Everyone’s personal journey is incredibly unique, and different to each person. Depending on who you are, the type of person you are, the type of person you want to become, and the type of values you have. All play important roles and are important facets in building the type of lifestyle you want to live.

Ultimately, it’s up to you.

Life will guide, and it will show you the ways in which things will work for you in the best way. A lot of the feelings you get, and the forces that seem to push you in one way, are life working at its finest. It’s showing you that being a financial analyst maybe isn’t good for you. What’s going to work for you, is becoming your own boss, figuring out a way to make money or to build a business that fuels the type of lifestyle you want to live. We’re finding this out for ourselves as well, and just wanted to take a bit of a deeper dive into our thoughts, into what we’re thinking, and into the way we’ve seen life so far.

Add some Freedom.

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