Freedom 33 is a blog.  A story blog, you might say.  It is the story of a man who, when he was 31 and despite what must have seemed from the outside like a great life – house and a rental property, car, motorcycle, and so on – found himself feeling completely stuck.  Freedom 33 is the story of a man becoming unstuck.  In the world.

The story is told by that man.  Me.  I am Canadian and living in Mexico.  I am currently saving and investing 90-100% of my salary and am financially independent at 33.

I believe that most everything in the world is simply a perception.  That is to say, ‘it’s all in your head’.  Unfortunately for most of us, our heads have been filled with advertisements and uncritical group-think for most of our lives, so we have some work to do to reverse-brainwash ourselves and to see everything – including our most valuable resources, time and money – differently.  Change your perception, change your world.

By investing your money in assets of value, spending your time doing healthy, fulfilling and inexpensive activities, you can subsequently help to save the world by drastically reducing your ecological footprint – all while become wealthier and healthier.

Put simply: invest money, spend time, save world.