You’ve been led to believe that there is only one model by which you can live your life. Work, eat, sleep, die. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to save a little and experience some love and joy while you’re at it.

But what if you don’t have to live like this? What if you could live the rich and fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of? The world is changing, and you don’t have to live by the same model as everyone else.

By investing your money in assets of value and spending your time doing healthy, fulfilling and inexpensive activities, you can inadvertently help to save the world by drastically reducing your ecological footprint – all while become wealthier, healthier and happier.

Put simply: invest money, spend time, save world.

Freedom 33 started as a blog. A story blog. The story of a man becoming unstuck, moving to Mexico and living debt-free with more income than expenses, more time to surf than ever before and, most importantly, a shrinking impact on the planet.

Read on to learn how I did it, because even you could be Free by 33.