The Resolution: April 2018


A surfer making the most of an amazing sunrise over the Sea of Cortez near my home in Mexico. Taken while brewing coffee and gearing up to surf during a weekend camping trip in April.  Cost of trip: Gas + Beer + Tortillas + Fresh Fish + Fresh Produce = No Mucho.

Another month, another Resolution post.  A third of the year has past us by now.  We’re going on the half-way point for our goals!  I hope your Resolution resolve lives on and that you’re learning and improving every month, week, day and moment that passes.  I also hope that the rest of the year holds a lot of exciting new adventures and opportunities to learn new things.

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30 Places I Could Retire Within a Year


I almost always roll my eyes when I see an article title that starts with a number.  For example, “28 Ways to Read This Blog”.  Yuck.

So that is why I was excited to use a number in the title today.  A ridiculously high number could only be seen as complete mockery of the system, no?  I do hope so.  Maybe it is also great clickbait, which must be the ONLY reason others do it (I am learning that is the only reason a lot of things on the internet happen).

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First Guest Post


Mr. 1500 is a pretty cool guy.  Not only because he was gracious enough to allow me to share my story and perspective on his blog with my first guest post, but he is also kick-assedly financially independent with a well-crafted and well-viewed blog documenting the process.

To boot, he has already retired from his old job, all while growing a family which is something I simply can’t advise on or relate to, but I could imagine that it is as rewarding as it is challenging!

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The Resolution: March 2018

chart (5)

Here we go again.  The resolution continues.  How many of you are still thinking of your New Years’ Resolution?  Are you tracking your progress?  How are you doing so far?

As my readers know, my New Years Resolution is to spend no more than $1250 CAD per month during 2018, or $15,000 for the year.  In January and February combined,  I ran up a bit of a budget deficit, and going into March was about $900 behind on my goal already.

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31-Year-Olds Spend $61K Per Year


Well, as a new blogger trying to wade my way into the world of FIRE and its associated community of keen savers and earners, I try to make a habit of keeping up to speed on the financial happenings in the world.  I listen to a lot of Podcasts related to finance and the economy, such as David Stein’s Money for the Rest of Us, most everything from The Economist and also Planet Money from NPR.  I also like to read blogs and media sites, primarily when killing time and being ‘unproductive’ at work, such as right now.

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Millennials’ Biggest Obstacle is Millennials Themselves

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality. -Seneca

So often these days we hear from young people – Millennials – about how much harder they have it than did the previous generations.  Houses are more expensive, wages are stagnant and student debt is soaring.  I am definitely guilty of subscribing to this train of thought at times, whether it be while assessing my own situation or just observing the world in general.  But how much of it is really true?  Do millenials really have it that bad?  Or are they just a generation of entitled brats who would rather focus on the few disadvantages they have over previous generations rather than the endless forms of proverbial legs up their generation possesses?  Well, consider the following.


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What Will You Do? Ride a Bike Around New Zealand

IMG_8721 2
“What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him.” -Viktor Frankl in Man’s Search for Meaning 1946


When you decide to do things against the grain, society tends to condemn you, one way or another.  At the very least, society doesn’t understand both why and how you are doing what you’re dong.  The same goes for early retirement (or “Financial Independence”).  So, I have decided to start a new series named after the oh-so-persistent question,  “What Will You Do?”  This series will also allow me to ‘constructively’ indulge in some of the daydreams I tend to entertain while passing time at my remote work site, where I spend 3 weeks at a time with just 5 other people.

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The Resolution: February 2018

chart (6)

Okay folks.  The moment all of you have been desperately waiting for has arrived.  The report.  We’re well into March here now so let’s just cut to the chase.

Well, things went pretty well this month.  My average cost of living was $65.58 per day.  But at the same time, I blew the $1250 budget by $586!  That’s right, I spent over $1,850 despite my goal of $1,250 per month!  That puts me at a deficit of $952 in just two months!  Not good, right?  Well, to be honest, I’m not too worried yet.

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Fancy Necessities: Soap

I love things that are versatile.  I have a hard time making purchases of things that are going to be only useful in one specific situation.  I would say that this is due to my fear of ever being ‘stuck’ again, but in reality it came along before that.  Even when I was spending beyond my means, I was looking for the most versatile motorcycle or even home, with various rental/living arrangement options available.  I suppose it was in case my situation changed, which it did.  A few times.

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