Nauyaca Falls

A view of the Río Barú from a ridge on your way to Nauyaca Falls near Dominical, right on the border of Puntaarenas and San José Province, Costa Rica. The Río (river) likely gets its name, from the indigienous Guaymi language, where Barú translating roughly as ‘watershed´ or ‘river basin’.

I had been staying in the beach town of Dominical a few nights already, and compared to the world-class surf experience I had just had in southern Costa Rica, the conditions had not been great.

It was August, and the off-season for the droves of American and European tourists that flock to Costa Rica every winter. So Dominical was sleepy – very sleepy. This isn’t a big deal when the surf is good, but when it’s not, a surf bum can quickly start to wonder about what they’re going to do with their day. And what the hell are they doing with their life!

And that’s when you know it’s time to get a move on. Time to get on your feet and out of your head and find something else to do in the area. Besides – it’s Costa Rica! Apart from great surf and beaches the country is filled with natural treasures, wildlife and all sorts of activities for tourists to get up to.

Thanks to the internet and the well-developed tourism industry of Costa Rica, it wasn’t hard to quickly come up with a few ideas and narrow it down from there. I decided I would head to some waterfalls in the area, and from what I had read, Nauyaca was the go.*

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The Stuff Wars

Two men local to the area show tourists from larger centers in China around on traditional river rafts. One of them takes a break to make a call. Yangshuo, China. 2010.

Today is May 13th, 2019 and I have been wasting time watching the markets dip pretty hard. As I start this draft, the Dow is down 2.54% for the day while IEMG, an emerging market ETF denominated in US Dollars, is down 3.64%. By the time of pressing ‘publish’, it will probably be May 14th, and markets will have recovered a bit, as they overreact to their overreaction on May 13th.

And they did.

So why is this happening?

Well, the answer, of course, is easy: it is due to an overreaction by the markets to the re-escalation of the Stuff Wars between US and China in recent weeks, including a new set of retaliatory trade tariffs placed on US goods by China today. That is, tariffs placed on the obscene amount of things – stuff – that we ‘trade’ with each other have turned the markets from a state of greed to a state of fear – their two primary emotions.

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My Mexican Casita – Thoughts, FAQs and Returns

View on Air BnB

When I tell people I own a small home in Mexico, I am invariably asked the same set of questions:

  • How did that come about? (it mostly just kind of happened, to be honest)
  • How much did it cost? (about $100,000 Canadian dollars)
  • Do you own it outright? (yes, but also not exactly, but yes.)
  • Does it ‘pay for itself’? (of course, and some. For 2018 I calculated a range of 7-39% as my return for the year, depending on how you slice it)
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The Air BnB Post

As my original Freedom deadline approaches and I’m looking at yet another year of full-time employment and a summer of construction on my home and rental-income property, I have been re-visiting my goals and intentions a little more regularly of late.

La chela mas fina.

When I sold my home in Canada and soon after bought one in Mexico, the crux of my plan was living rent-free in a home that paid me. You might call it my own minimum basic income project, trying to find a way to have the basics – food and shelter – covered while I follow curiosity and work on projects that create a spark in me, whether they pay well or not (or maybe even nothing).

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