The Resolution

Tracking my spending, successes, failures and learnings monthly as I try to meet my 2018 New Year’s Resolution of spending only $15,000 CAD for the year.

The Resolution

Buy Nothing

Reality Check

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018

Freedom Notes

We’re all just practicing for retirement anyway, right?

You Pack A Mean Cooler

Put Your Pants in the Freezer

Don’t Eat Breakfast

Zen and the Art of Creative Curries

Fancy Necessities

Spending less doesn’t have to mean living less.


What Will You Do?

My ongoing set of blog-form answers to that nagging question all aspiring early retirees face so often

Ride a Bike Around New Zealand

A Reframing of the Question

Run A Marathon in the Desert

What Shit Really Costs

Rvealing the sometimes hidden and full costs of ubiquitous parts of modern society.

A New Car

Gas and the Power of Data

Things We Waste

Coming soon…