The Resolution

Tracking my spending, successes, failures and learnings monthly as I try to meet my 2018 New Year’s Resolution of spending only $12,000 CAD for the year.

The Resolution // Buy Nothing // Reality Check // February // March//April // May // June // July // August // September // October // November // December // Wrap-up

Freedom Notes

We’re all just practicing for retirement anyway, right?

You Pack A Mean Cooler // Put Your Pants in the Freezer // Don’t Eat Breakfast // Zen and the Art of Creative Curries

Fancy Necessities

Spending less doesn’t have to mean living less.


What Will You Do?

My ongoing set of blog-form answers to that nagging question all aspiring early retirees face so often

Ride a Bike Around New Zealand // A Reframing of the Question // Run A Marathon in the Desert

What Shit Really Costs

Revealing the sometimes hidden and full costs of ubiquitous parts of modern society.

A New Car // Gas and the Power of Data

Things We Waste

Coming soon…

How to Change Your Mind

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Lessons from Baja

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